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Trials and Tribulations: Behind the Scenes

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Fifth Harmony AU Meme:

  • Trials and Tribulations: It’s the first day of Lauren’s junior year of high school after a summer spent away at softball camp. By a chance encounter she gets talking to Camila in the hallway, an intriguing girl with a sad story. Whilst Lauren was away enjoying a summer romance, Camila was recovering in hospital from a hit and run accident which has left her with both physical disabilities and emotional scars. Lauren is instantly smitten, but, as the two of them become friends and she helps Camila with her recovery, will her feelings be reciprocated?

inspired by x.

Lauren being insanely adorable and waving/talking to fans/press at the airport.

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OK, I respect camila’s life and happines, I really do but seriously….

You can’t compare This:


To this:





You just can’t….. 

Lauren - Alpharetta M&G 9/07

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Ally: “Ryan P. asks, “Yell as loud as you can, “WILL YOU MARRY ME?,” and if anyone answers, marry that person laugh out loudz”“

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I’m sobbing 😖😭